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Social trading app functions overview - StockRepublic

Hey bank! Change is happening fast

Brokerage fees are going down and attracting new customers are more expensive than ever. Retail investors are done getting advice from bankers. They want advice from people who have proven success, handling their own money.

Enter Social Trading. Engage your customers with user-generated content, not only words but actual investing performance. Let customers share their portfolios and get direct advice from the community.

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Make more with less

You already have a large chunk of passive investors. Engage them and increase revenue.

Differentiate from the rest

Your CX is great, but to gain new users you need to give your customers something more.

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Lean on virality, not CPI

One new social user creates content which creates new users which creates more content.. Whoops, a viral loop have appeared.

StockRepublic's idea reflects the current zeitgeist and shows that social trading is becoming mainstream. Overall, it makes retail trading more accessible, social and transparent.

Björn Andersen

Head of Brokerage, Comdirect

Social trading at your fingertips

Investment Community

A plug-and-play investment community for your brokerage. Customized to your brand, ready to launch in weeks.

Social trading API

Own the Customer Experience, with no technical debt. Go at it faster with a scalable API solution.

Our metrics speak for themselves


Increased revenue per customer

Engaged and active customers makes a strong impact on saving volumes and trading behaviour.


New customers to the bank

Equities are inherently social to the retail investor. Users invite friends to follow or join a group, or help each other to improve their investment strategies.


Increase in NPS Score

Customers who use social features are more likely to stay compared to other users.

This not only benefits experienced investors, but also people who are venturing into the stock market for the first time.

Dr. Alena Kretzberg

Head of Digital Banking and comdirect at Commerzbank AG.

An experienced team with a history of online banking and investments

At StockRepublic, we have assembled a team that has built and launched social trading communities for top-tier banks in 5 different markets with hundreds of thousands of happy users.

In our minds, the best source of investment guidance is real people taking good care of their own money.

Therefore, we help banks and brokers to create and nurture investment communities that empower customers with guidance from their peers, performance benchmarks, and access to like-minded people.

  • Fabian Grapengiesser

    Fabian Grapengiesser

    CEO & Founder

    Previous: Founder and CEO of Shareville, responsible for Internet & Mobile banking at SEB.

  • Hanna Bjurström

    Hanna Bjurström


    Chief Legal Officer at Lunar. Previous: Intrum, Lindorff, EDB and Telia.

  • Mattias Miksche

    Mattias Miksche

    Senior adviser and shareholder

    Board member at Avanza, Dustin, PriceRunner. Previous: Managing director Etrade for Germany and Sweden, founder of Boxman and Stardoll

Latest news

White-label design update: Quicker from Trade Post to Action


We always have the social traders in mind when we look to improve the user experience and increase meaningful engagement in our customers' apps. That is why we recently decided to alter the feed experience in an effort to maximize community involvement around trades.

StockRepublic Fuels Growth With InnoFintech Funding


InnoFinTech, a program that supports Hamburg startups and provides grants for innovative FinTech companies, has awarded StockRepublic 200,000€ funding to help fuel our growth and strengthen our position in Germany.

Growth in Germany Leads to new Legal Entity


In an important effort to build a closer relationship with our German customers and continue to conquer the second-biggest FinTech market in Europe, we are now setting up a legal entity in Germany. This has been a long time coming, as StockRepublic has taken many steps to strengthen its foothold in the country.