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    Why Add Social Trading to Your Brokerage?

    Social trading can activate, engage, and grow your existing user base, ultimately increasing revenues - substantially. Stay competitive and choose StockRepublic's sophisticated and compliant solutions.

    Activate your users

    Increase your trade volumes by 20%. At least.

    With social trading, users actively follow and engage with the strategies of others. The heightened activity contributes to higher transaction volumes on your platform by both increasing trading within existing active traders and also by activating passive investors.

    Engage your users

    Get your users to spend 2X more time on your app and return. Again and again.
    Social trading features create an interactive and engaging environment for your users. The ability to connect with other traders, share insights, and participate in discussions keeps users more actively involved with your platform. Our social trading app boasts a 40% DAU/MAU ratio – that’s only 10 percentage points away from Facebook’s.

    Grow your user base

    Grow your new customers by +25% - organically.
    Social trading attracts traders looking for a more collaborative and community-oriented trading experience. Additionally, social trading can improve SEO optimization, organic search, and referral traffic from user-generated content on the platform. This not only grows your customer base, but also decreases customer acquisition costs.

    "Together with StockRepublic, we have created an award-winning product that perfectly fulfills the demands of Generation Z for transparency and certainty in uncertain times."

    - Sabine Schoon-Renné, Head of comdirect

    Benefits to End-Users


    Social trading allows users to get the best possible benchmark, guidance, and inspiration for investing. Investors can learn from their peers and top investors, which instills confidence to make more informed financial choices.


    We take pride in fostering engaging online investing communities. Our products create a fun, engaging way for users to connect in real-time with likeminded investors - whether it be publicly or privately.

    Higher Returns

    Our mission is to make investing more accessible and transparent for everyone, ultimately providing higher returns. Following an analysis of one client's user base, 62.8% of users experienced higher returns after joining, with an average increase of 3.55 percentage points.


    White label or API: what’s right for you?

    Confused about choosing between white label or API solutions for integrating social trading functionalities into your financial institution? Our simple guide can help you make the right initial decision for your business.