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    Learn how companies invest in StockRepublic solutions to capitalize on community engagement and social trading.

    The Placera Forum on an iPad

    Placera Capitalizes on Substantial Traffic with Social Trading

    Placera upgraded its investment forum in partnership with StockRepublic, using modern technology and BankID for user identification. The new social trading platform seamlessly integrates with Avanza, fostering user interactions and enhancing customer acquisition.


    Get the inside scoop on everything from social trading compliance to the fundamentals of our framework.

    Use Cases

    Learn how our social trading tools drive organic growth for our client - whether it's through shareable portfolios or powerful e-mail marketing materials.

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    Behind the Scenes with Our CEO

    Get an exclusive look at the fintech and wealthtech landscape, personal reflections, and the journey of StockRepublic. Straight from our CEO, Fabian Grapengiesser.

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