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    Case Studies

    How companies invest in StockRepublic solutions to capitalize on community engagement and social trading.

    The Placera Forum on an iPad

    Placera Capitalizes on Substantial Traffic with Social Trading

    Placera upgraded its investment forum in partnership with StockRepublic, using modern technology and BankID for user identification. The new social trading platform seamlessly integrates with Avanza, fostering user interactions and enhancing customer acquisition.


    The inside scoop on everything from social trading compliance to the fundamentals of our framework.

    Use Cases

    From shareable portfolios to creating powerful e-mail marketing materials, our social trading tools turn customers into a community.

    Portfolio Sharing for Organic Growth with StockRepublic

    Portfolio Sharing for Organic Growth

    StockRepublic's Social Trading API offers portfolio sharing for users to compare metrics like return, risk, and climate impact. This feature fuels organic growth as users, proud of their achievements, share results on social media, enticing others to register. This strategy was responsible for 25% of user growth in a Nordic bank.

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    StockRepublic raises SEK 20 million with Avanza's subsidiary Placera Media as the lead investor

    StockRepublic gears up and raises SEK 30 million with Avanza's subsidiary Placera Media as the lead investor

    StockRepublic has raised SEK 30 million in a funding round led by Placera Media. The funding will facilitate staff expansion, service development, and further growth. Placera Media's investment follows a successful collaboration in modernizing its stock forum.

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