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    The Power of Portfolio Sharing
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    The Power of Portfolio Sharing

    StockRepublic's social trading API fosters organic growth by enabling portfolio sharing and comparisons, enticing new users and contributing to 25% of a Nordic bank's user growth.

    Our cutting-edge social trading API allows for seamless integration of portfolio sharing into your trading/brokerage application. This transformative feature allows your users to benchmark their investment performance against the community. They can compare several metrics, including diversity, return, risk, and climate impact.

    Our tools at StockRepublic offer more than just the ability to track and compare investment performance. Furthermore, they unlock the compelling potential for substantial organic growth. This comes to life when your high-performing users, proud of their achievements, share their portfolio results on social media platforms. This act naturally captures attention and ignites interest among non-users.

    To delve into these shared portfolio holdings' specifics, these potential users must register and connect their own portfolio, directly boosting your user base. Each registration represents a new member added to your investment community, fostering an environment of shared knowledge and engagement. Your existing users become instrumental in promoting your platform, acting as ambassadors. Through this process, we turn individual success into a collective growth opportunity, a proven strategy that retains existing users and attracts new ones.

    In fact, this method of portfolio sharing has shown impressive results. As an example, it was responsible for 25% of organic user growth in a bank spanning four Nordic countries.

    At StockRepublic, we aim to leverage the power of social trading to enable banks and brokers to foster a community, enhance user engagement, and stimulate organic growth. We look forward to helping you harness the potential of our tools for your platform's success.