hi!stocks: an investment community for Commerzbanks online broker comdirect

comdirect provides more than 3 million German customers with online solutions for saving, investing and trading. As a pioneer in online banking, comdirect was early with recognizing the change in how retail investors made decisions online; customers now expected guidance, inspiration and comparisons to peers. comdirect set out to create an engaging investment community and together with StockRepublic launched the first full social trading application in Germany.

In brief

comdirect relies on StockRepublics social trading platform to power their new investment community hi!stocks. The white-label application is built and hosted by StockRepublic, customized to the comdirect brand and trading APIs. The collaboration between comdirect and StockRepublic meant that hi!stocks could be launched faster, with a full set of features.

  • comdirect adds a social trading app to its portfolio to help retail investors answer the question “what should I buy - and when?”

  • StockRepublic offered a white-label, fully anonymized social trading platform.

  • No internal developer resources were needed to implement the solution.

  • Fully compliant and BaFin (German financial regulator) approved social trading app now in app-stores for iOS and Android.

Turning Customers into a Community

The need to stand out and create a close relationship with your customers is stronger than ever in the retail investing space. comdirect were already aware of how essential the community component of trading had become in recent years – and the social media storm around the GameStop saga didn’t make it less obvious. They realized that if you want to attract and keep your customers in this market you will need to provide more than just low fees. After comprehensive due diligence of new tools and ways to further engage, educate and attract the new generation of investors, the choice fell on StockRepublic.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the world of investing, and social networking is at the heart of modern society. In partnering with StockRepublic, we can now provide our customers with a social, engaged, and active online Network that could make investing more fun.

Björn Andersen

Head of Brokerage, Comdirect

The StockRepublic Solution

comdirect was searching for someone who had done this before, and with experience from building and growing strong and trustworthy investment communities in 5 markets, StockRepublic was the clear choice. comdirect wanted a short time-to-market while still offering full social trading functionality, a perfect fit for the StockRepublic investment community.

The end product hi!stocks features a fully branded, personalized, and anonymous platform where users can share their portfolios, get ranked on their performance, learn from top-investors and discuss investing with peers. While being anonymous makes it easier to open up about personal finance, the connection to your real portfolio creates unprecedented trust in the community. This contributes to an honest discussion and makes everyone more informed.

The goal of hi!stocks is to make investing available for everyone and it fits in perfectly with comdirects slogan of “mehr verstehen, mehr vermögen”, understand more, gain more.

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