Case study:

comdirect Customers Enjoy Next-Gen Investment Network Opportunity

comdirect has a long history of offering innovative and intelligent products and services for banking, financial transactions, mortgage lending, and online brokerage services to its customers. As an online broker, comdirect focuses on the ability to offer simple solutions for savings, investing, and trading in securities and do it anytime from anywhere. To add a new channel to their platform universe, comdirect partnered with StockRepublic to provide investment newcomers and also experienced traders the opportunity to join a next-gen investment network.

The histocks mobile apps

In brief

  • comdirect adds a social trading app to its portfolio to attract the digital natives and retail investors raised in the social media landscape.

  • StockRepublic offered an out-of-the-box, fully anonymized social trading platform.

  • No internal developer resources were needed to implement the solution.

  • comdirect now offers a social trading experience in a modern app for iOS and Android.

Turning Customers into a Community

Prior to partnering with StockRepublic, they already had an existing and established group of investors and traders under the ComDirect umbrella. They were already aware of how essential the community component of trading had become in recent years – and the social media storm around the GameStop saga didn’t make it less obvious. So after comprehensive due diligence of new tools and ways to further engage, educate and attract the new generation of investors, the choice fell on StockRepublic.

We are always looking for innovative ways to improve the world of investing, and social networking is at the heart of modern society. In partnering with StockRepublic, we can now provide our customers with a social, engaged, and active online Network that could make investing more fun. We believe that this option, combined with comdirect's brokerage expertise, may give traders an optimized investing experience.

Björn Andersen, Managing Director Brokerage at comdirect

The StockRepublic Solution

comdirect was looking for a quickly available solution, without utilizing internal developer resources. In collaboration with StockRepublic, a 360-degree experience centered around social trading was put in place, and it included a modern app for iOS and Android. The end product hi!stocks features a fully branded, personalized, and anonymized platform that was optimized and tailored to comdirect’s needs and existing solutions.

“Together with comdirect, we made improvements on how we display indexes and comparisons between different stock exchanges. Because they offer instruments from 18 different stock exchanges and a plethora of different pricing options, we customized solutions that improved the user experience,” says Max Knopp, Country Manager Germany at StockRepublic.

A major highlight in the agile and time-sensitive collaboration included the implementation of the anonymized portfolio-sharing component for social media, courtesy of StockRepublic. The new feature gives clients of comdirect a new and unique opportunity to chat and engage with each other, as well as communicate directly with comdirect.