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    The Start of Buy & Sell Points

    The Start of Buy & Sell Points


    We've enhanced our financial instrument and portfolio pages to provide even more valuable insights. Wondering if you bought at the peak? Sold at the lowest point in the past three months? Now, when you visit the page of an instrument you own or previously owned, you'll gain visibility into its past and current price comparisons. Whether you're assessing peaks or valleys, our updated feature empowers you with the information you need for informed decision-making.

    Our latest feature puts users at the heart of their trading journey by visualizing buy and sell points directly in the chart. It's not just about numbers – it's about empowering users to understand and navigate the market with confidence. This update reflects our commitment to user-centric design and continually elevating the trading experience.

    Dana Assanova

    Lead Product Designer at StockRepublic

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