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    The Placera Forum is Now Powered by StockRepublic

    The Placera Forum is Now Powered by StockRepublic

    Christoffer Persson

    Placera, one of Sweden's largest financial sites and a wholly owned subsidiary of Avanza, with approximately 1,000,000 visitors per week, has partnered with us at StockRepublic to upgrade their popular investment forum with new-generation social trading tooling.

    The Placera forum has served a key function for the company for many years but was quietly deactivated at the end of 2021 because the technology powering it had slowly become outdated. However, the forum has always been very popular, generating substantial traffic and attracting important visitors. Therefore, it was ideally not something that they wanted to be without.

    Placera reached out to us on StockRepublic, wanting to rebuild their forum from scratch using modern technology that supports identified users and moderation to prevent illicit activities. The new solution also needed to fit seamlessly into the Placera and Avanza platforms as a whole.

    Using our Social Trading API, we created a scalable and customized solution based on their needs. The new Placera Forum is integrated with BankID as an extra identification layer, has state-of-the-art moderation tooling, and dually integrates with the Avanza trading platform.

    The end-users can now tag, talk about, and follow all of the financial instruments available on the Avanza trading platform. The latest discussion on the Placera forum then effortlessly flows back into the Avanza trading platform, next to the bespoken financial instrument.

    The new Placera Forum and the Avanza trading platform can independently exist while remaining connected and offering strong security layers. With this independence, Avanza can utilize the Placera Forum to create content, gain users, regardless of where those people have their bank account, and build relationships with potential new customers. This intersection of the Placera Forum and Avanza creates a customer acquisition channel for the company driven by user-generated content from real investors.

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