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    Social Trading in 2022

    Social Trading in 2022: Sustainability, crypto, and digital campfires

    Fabian Grapengiesser

    What’s on the agenda for 2022? 🗓

    At StockRepublic, we’ve started the new year with speed. With four new colleagues joining in January and a new product line for backend API solutions, we are more than ready to take on the new year! 🚀

    Sustainable investments and crypto assets are on the rise. In 2022, we will focus on further developing our climate impact features, helping users invest in crypto in an easy and accessible way, and building communities for social trading. Inspired by the community strategist Sara Wilson, we believe that the digital campfires have found their way into the Fintech sector and that investors want to gather in smaller communities around shared investment interests.

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    Fabian Grapengiesser, CEO and Co-Founder of StockRepublic

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