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    Fuels Growth with InnoFintech Funding

    StockRepublic Fuels Growth With InnoFintech Funding

    Christoffer Persson

    InnoFinTech, a program that supports Hamburg startups and provides grants for innovative FinTech companies, has awarded StockRepublic 200,000€ funding to help fuel our growth and strengthen our position in Germany.

    StockRepublic was chosen for the grant based on the following criteria:

    • Having an innovative concept with clear differentiation from the competition.

    • Being a company that is less than five years old.

    • Being a small company with a registered office in Hamburg

    • Having a strong team with a convincing business case.

    The granted funds of up to 200,000€ will be spent on marketing efforts to strengthen our position and make our two brands StockRepublic and hi!stocks, even more, prominent on the German market. The program also gives us access to one of the largest startup networks in Germany, consultancy feedback on our business model, and ongoing pitch training.

    Thanks to InnoFinTech, we will be able to expand our marketing efforts to penetrate the market further and build on the growing audience of customers and clients.

    Max Knopp

    Managing Director Germany

    It is vital for the company and shows how previous strategic steps have strengthened StockRepublic’s position in Germany. From the Access Germany Program to forming a legal entity in the country – the InnoFinTech funding is another major milestone.

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