Using hi!socks to celebrate hi!stocks heroes


Equipping the hi!stocks heroes with hi!socks

As Johan Hartikainen (Head of Sales) and Max Knopp (Country Manager of Germany) brainstormed ideas for how to reward the most engaging members of the hi!stocks community, the hi!stocks heroes program was born.

The concept aims to celebrate an elite group of community members that have 5-star rankings and high engagement rates within the platform. Whether they send many messages, leave quality comments, or provide insights and information that other users find helpful, what rings true for all of them is that they make the platform and the experience better for others. As such, we now recognize them as hi!stocks heroes.

Our newfound heroes got their "hi!socks" at the end of October and were given a blue tick next to their username (similar to the verified badge you have seen elsewhere). However, that was just a first step – there are grander plans for the hi!stocks heroes' idea. Next, we want to improve the loyalty program and gamify both the overall experience and future rewards. This will likely include the introduction of profile badges, whether it's for your first trade or most popular contribution, in an effort to grow the community of active hi!stocks heroes.

More to come!

The hi!socks "sock it up" GIF