Design Updates in our Whitelabel App


The new overview page in the Stockrepublic whitelabel app

To make the app more dynamic, we have improved the post-login landing page with an emphasis on social connectivity and improved engagement. Gone are the days of strictly seeing a portfolio overview. With this update, the end-users can access insights, the community, and their portfolio right from the get-go.

The "Portfolio Overview" is now called "My Investments." In this view, we have curated the end users' favorite interaction points in three key tabs, Overview, Holdings, and Transactions, to give quick access and a better overview of everything around their investments.

The My Investments view of the StockRepublic whitelabel app

As a result, 30 days past the change in the hi!stocks app, we could see the 1st-week retention increase with 15% and the users with connected bank accounts growing by 17%. 

It’s easy to say that social interaction counts.