Saving for the future is just a click away


Saving for the future is an essential part of financial planning, no matter how old you are or what your job is. Banks are always encouraging their customers to invest for the future by saving for retirement.

Sweden has a pension system where 16% of your taxable income and other taxable benefits are allocated to an income pension fund. Before now it was very difficult for savers to decide how they wanted to invest their allocated pension funds, as it would often cost a hefty sum to move your capital. A new law implemented on the 1st of April means that the fee for moving your allocated pension funds is never more than 600 SEK – a huge difference from before. Well done for encouraging savers to take control of their finances!

We at StockRepublic can also help your customers invest their private capital in a responsible and lucrative way. By using our social trading platform and following successful profiles, saving for the future is just a click away.