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    Q1 2024 Recap: Record Engagement, Greater Returns & More

    Q1 2024 Recap: Record Engagement, Greater Returns & More


    As we reflect on the first quarter of 2024, we’re excited to share some updates, learnings, and achievements over the past three months.

    1. User Engagement - Fostering Vibrant Communities

    At StockRepublic, we take pride in fostering engaging online investing communities, and the first quarter of 2024 was no exception. In January, we witnessed the extraordinary dedication of our hi!stocks users, who organized a meetup outside of the app, showcasing the real-world impact of our platform in bringing investors together.

    Moreover, we achieved record-breaking levels of engagement across multiple investor communities. In January, comdirect's hi!stocks achieved an all-time high monthly social score with a 15% year-over-year growth. (Social score is a weighted score aggregating posts, replies, reactions, and follows across all the app users.) Then in February, there was a surge in activity on Avanza Placera's forum, with over 3,000 posts recorded in a single day, marking a 16% growth from the previous daily record. These milestones underscore the active participation of retail investors, a positive signal for the year ahead.

    2. User Returns - Empowering Financial Growth

    Our commitment to democratizing investing and delivering tangible benefits to our users has yielded promising results. An analysis of our hi!stocks user base revealed a notable increase in financial returns following their engagement with our platform. 62.8% of users experienced higher returns after joining hi!stocks, with an average increase of 3.55 percentage points.

    At StockRepublic, our mission is to make investing more accessible and transparent for everyone, ultimately providing higher returns. These results show we're on the right track!

    3. Product - Making Investing More Inclusive

    On the Product front, we’ve released a few exciting improvements in Q1. Most notably, now users can generate polls and share their weekly report directly in the feed to get direct feedback from the community.

    With the new poll function, users can write any question they desire and add up to six response options. Once posted, other users can easily vote on their favorite option with a simple click of a button. Additionally, the ability to share one’s weekly report (a roundup of winners & losers and benchmark against the index) allows more transparency into how others are performing on a weekly basis. We’re excited to see how our end-users continue to engage on our apps with these new features!

    4. Customers - Captivated by Gen Z's Potential

    More and more, we’ve noticed our bank and broker clients have been keenly attuned to the evolving landscape shaped by Generation Z. With their innate affinity for technology, social consciousness, and financial drive, Gen Z represents a demographic that demands attention.

    Gen Z's inclination towards social trading is already apparent, as illustrated by a breakdown in one of our client’s user base. One of our clients witnessed a remarkable +235% increase in Gen Z users when comparing their core user base to the user base of their social trading app that was developed by StockRepublic.

    As we continue our journey into the second quarter of 2024, we remain steadfast in our commitment to helping our clients activate their users to ultimately drive more financial education, empowerment, and wealth.

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